A permanent state of disruption

Innovation might help you to outpace your competitors, but you can’t outpace your disruptor. To secure your organisation’s survival, you need to start your own disruptors. Welcome to the Biosphere, founding your future organisation.
Welcome to the world of 10X.

Get serious, get real

Organisations are having serious trouble to reinvent themselves. We believe that reinvention needs more than a hip sandbox environment. It’s time to get real.

It’s the people, stupid!

It is people that create innovation. Not technology. Not process. Not methodology. They are enablers but human ingenuity is the source.

Don’t transform, disrupt

Most innovation effort is aimed at transforming current business, business models and organisations. We focus on creating new ones.

The 10X Way

10X looks at fundamental innovation entirely different. Starting with and from people. With a strong belief in human ingenuity. And a broad view on talent domains. Trusting the power of free collaboration. Individual autonomy and self-governance. Facilitated by today’s technology. The 10X Way holds a unique, disruptive view on all aspects of the innovation domain from the vision that  exploration of new business models require different skills, organisation, processes and governance than executing an existing business. And that both cannot go together.