Don’t transform, disrupt

Why are we here

Don’t transform, disrupt

Or as we put it: don’t transform the mothership… You are a large organisation eager to transform in order to better meet the challenges of today. To become ‘digital’ and act with the speed and agility of a start-up. Forget it. It’s not gonna happen. You are a solid organisation with a solid (business) model. With all the processes and governance that requires. You are not a nimble start-up and never will be.

But you CAN organize your innovation on a more disruptive scale than before. In a way that it creates your organisation of the future. Like the autonomous R&D departments did in the early days. 10X does not transform your present organisation, we help you found your future ones. We operate beyond the start-up/innovation/digital hype. Focused on real and lasting disruption. Strategic by definition, hands-on in execution.

Our Crew

Having seen, lived, organised, failed and succeeded every activity within the digital and innovation space you can imagine, the 10X team has developed a radical new innovation methodology aimed at delivering true and lasting results. Centered around the 10X Biosphere, a methodology emerged from all the lessons learned from every thinkable innovation effort over the past decades. In a way, it combines  multiple methodologies into a radical new way of innovation. Disruptive. But all with the unique 10X people-centered approach of doing things differently. From the true belief that all innovation starts with human ingenuity in an environment where talents can flourish freely. Enabled by technology, self organised and self steered, focussed on doing things differently but with lasting impact and result.

Peter Kaas
Technology & Ventures
Jasper Verbeek
Innovation & Sustainability
Lucien Burm
Strategy & Startups
Arjan Brienen
Investments & Finance
Johan Schaap
Program & Operations