The 10X Way

Why are we here

10X looks at fundamental innovation entirely different. Starting with and from people. With a strong belief in human ingenuity. And a broad view on talent domains. Trusting the power of free collaboration. Individual autonomy and self-governance. Facilitated by today’s technology.

The 10X Way holds a unique disruptive view on all aspects of the innovation domain from the vision that exploration of new business models require different skills, organisation, processes and governance than executing an existing business. And that both cannot go together.

We believe that the world of tomorrow, starting today, will look entirely different. With new economic models, new types of organisations in which people play a crucial and fundamental role with the ability to make much broader use of all their talents and skills.

Operating in an ecosystem in which transparent collaboration leads to great fulfillment. That is why we have created the 10X Biosphere methodology, an entirely new way of organising fundamental innovation. With the ambition to create a significant impact on the world of tomorrow by generating as many valuable ideas, businesses, and models for the world to benefit from as we possibly can. In order to be effective in living our philosophy we have shaped 10X in 3 main pillars: the Agency, the Biosphere and the Fund.

The 10X Agency

These are the 10X builders. To help you set up and manage a Biosphere. Radical change agents doing things differently. Fully engulfed in the Biosphere methodology these are certified change agents. Or in traditional wording, this is the 10X consultancy branch. Typically hired to deploy a Biosphere but also keen to help organisations with specific innovation challenges, drawing from the Biosphere methodology.

The 10X Biosphere

This is where the 10X Way comes together in an entirely new, disruptive innovation model which sets us apart from all the others. The 10X Biosphere is a breeding ground that will grow the future of the parent-organisation. Not in a traditional form or shape. As a constellation of sustainable initiatives centred around people, powered by technology and supported by knowledge and experience.

The Biosphere is an environment set apart and shielded from influences of the parent-organisation. People, selected on their potential rather than their past, get the opportunity to form teams and ideas that can potentially grow into valuable initiatives in any shape or form. Be it a new business model, product, methodology, cure or any other valuable invention, the Biosphere is an environment where fundamental innovation and disruption can take place uninterrupted by day-to-day distractions and preoccupations.

In a 24 months intensive program ideas and concepts are scaled to maturity to be able to continue independently outside the Biosphere. Set up apart from the parent-organisation and untouched by its culture, processes and procedures, its only focus is on creating sustainable initiatives for the future.

10X uses a unique way of selecting and qualifying ideas and people from the parent-organisation to enter the Biosphere. They team up with their peers from outside: selected and qualified entrepreneurs, innovators, academics, basically anyone who can contribute positively with an outside-in view to the creative energy in the Biosphere. Working in the Biosphere means working in new ways of creating, collaborating, building and maturing concepts. With ample room for failure as long as failure leads to learning. After entering the Biosphere participants engage in a program where they are challenged to advance to increasingly higher levels corresponding with the maturity of their initiative. Each level requires different skills and abilities which can be accelerated by several kinds of shared services provided by the Biosphere.

At the last level initiatives are ready to leave the Biosphere and survive the outside world on their own, ready to be the new version of the parent company. Your own disruptor on its way to conquer the world.

The 10X Fund

One specific resource that is provided for the 10X Biosphere is investments. In order to grow initiatives and allow them to mature, real money is required. The 10X Biosphere comes with a dedicated fund that can invest in initiatives when needed. The fund uses a set of transparent parameters to make funding decisions corresponding with the advancement of initiatives through the levels of the Biosphere. It consists of funds provided by the parent-organisation and, when desired,  outside investors and/or the 10X Fund. It is operated by the Biosphere management.

Our Crew

Having seen, lived, organised, failed and succeeded every activity within the digital and innovation space you can imagine, the 10X team has developed a radical new innovation methodology aimed at delivering true and lasting results. Centered around the 10X Biosphere, a methodology emerged from all the lessons learned from every thinkable innovation effort over the past decades. In a way, it combines  multiple methodologies into a radical new way of innovation. Disruptive. But all with the unique 10X people-centered approach of doing things differently. From the true belief that all innovation starts with human ingenuity in an environment where talents can flourish freely. Enabled by technology, self organised and self steered, focussed on doing things differently but with lasting impact and result.

Peter Kaas
Technology & Ventures
Lucien Burm
Strategy & Startups
Johan Schaap
Program & Operations
Jasper Verbeek
Innovation & Sustainability
Arjan Brienen
Investments & Finance