Get serious, get real

Why are we here

The accelerated pace of (digital) innovation and market disruption that we have seen has led to a wide variety of activities by large organisations aimed at stepping up their innovation effort. Necessity driven. They have to, because else they will be out of business.

Many of these activities are focussed on input, few are evaluated on output. In other words, a lot of energy has been spent on organising innovation as such with lesser focus on what it should actually deliver. In an era where new business models, competitors and markets pop up like mushrooms all around traditional business and organisations, innovation effort should primarily be aimed at survival of the organisation.

Focused on future businesses. Future organisations. With real impact. Be it by P&L or any other success measure, it needs to move the needle seriously. In a way that it completely overshadows current activities by the parent organisation on the way to replace them. Disrupting. Hardly any of the current innovation schemes have delivered on that.

Although current innovation models may not live up to the overall innovative promise they hold, they all have certain positive aspects that, if combined and carried out differently, could lead to far more impactful, disruptive results. The foundation of the 10X Biosphere methodology holds several key aspects from all of these models but then redefined and developed from our core belief: human ingenuity, and set against our main criteria:


The amount to which a model independently from the parent organisation – a.k.a. the mothership – can decide on all relevant matters


The level of resources supplied by the parent organisation


If a model is short term vs long term, i.e. whether it is here to stay

Distance to organisation

The relevant distance between the model and the (business) model of the parent organisation, i.e. is there room for ground breaking ideas beyond the model of the parent organisation


The absolute distance between the model and the parent organisation


The level in which ideas/concepts/MVPs have the ability and/or get the room to scale quickly into an initiative with great potential.

Our Crew

Having seen, lived, organised, failed and succeeded every activity within the digital and innovation space you can imagine, the 10X team has developed a radical new innovation methodology aimed at delivering true and lasting results. Centered around the 10X Biosphere, a methodology emerged from all the lessons learned from every thinkable innovation effort over the past decades. In a way, it combines  multiple methodologies into a radical new way of innovation. Disruptive. But all with the unique 10X people-centered approach of doing things differently. From the true belief that all innovation starts with human ingenuity in an environment where talents can flourish freely. Enabled by technology, self organised and self steered, focussed on doing things differently but with lasting impact and result.

Peter Kaas
Technology & Ventures
Johan Schaap
Program & Operations
Arjan Brienen
Investments & Finance
Jasper Verbeek
Innovation & Sustainability
Lucien Burm
Strategy & Startups