You're big

Don’t transform the mothership

You are a large organisation, eager to transform in order to better meet the challenges of today. To become ‘digital’ and act with the speed and agility of a start-up. Forget it. It’s not going to happen. You are a solid organisation with a solid (business) model. With all the processes and governance that requires. You are not a nimble start-up and never will be. But you CAN organize your innovation on a more disruptive scale than before. In a way that it creates your organisation of the future. Like the autonomous R&D departments did in the early days. 10X does not transform your present organisation, we help you found your future ones. We operate beyond the hype. Focused on real and lasting disruption. Strategic by definition, hands-on in execution.

Set up your Biosphere

10X sets up your own Biosphere. On a remote or virtual location, distanced from your organisation, a permanent state of disruption is being created. A long term fundamental structure in which your future (business) models are being created and shaped into new organisations. While you can continue to focus on running and improving the reality of today.

Work hard, play hard

Your Biosphere program is a hyper innovative, creative environment liberated from all constraints large organisations generally impose on innovation. It is a people centered environment with an eye for all human talent areas while embracing the newest technological developments. It combines all the great talent and ideas – actively and passively – present in your current organisation with relevant external ideas/people/products from the ecosystem surrounding you.

Through a continuous cooperation with the ecosystem around the Biosphere all relevant developments and expertise is captured. While all participants in the Biosphere will feel the fun and energy from day 1, they will also experience how this energy is translated in serious hard work on their way to become a sound new, mature and lasting initiative.

Ready to launch?

Are you ready to take a serious approach to your survival and organise your innovation on a disruptive level?
Get in contact with us for a pre-launch briefing on all aspects of the 10X Biosphere methodology.